Live in Beppu Andreae/Birchall/Willberg
Vernacular / Heavy Petting February 2018

Favourite Animals Favourite Animals
Luminous December 2017

Hyperpunkt Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble
Sound Anatomy November 2017

Shape Shifters Sloth Racket
Luminous June 2017

Hair In The Chimney Andreae/Birchall/Willberg
Vernacular / Heavy Petting April 2017

Cows In Large Pastures Sam Andreae
SLIP April 2017

The Difficult Second Album Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham
Tombed Visions March 2017

All Shirt and No Tie KMistry
*self-release June 2016

I Go Out To Find Bugs sam&mio&otto
self-release May 2016

Audiobook 1.0 Soramame
self-release September 2015

SOLO Sam Andreae
Tombed Visions May 2015

I Did’t Mind You Improvising, I Just Wish You’d Done It Better Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham
Tombed Visions January 2015

Silence Blossoms Silence Blossoms
Efpi Records July 2014

Live at Skurup Silence Blossoms
Efpi Records July 2014

Trio Riot Trio Riot
Efpi Records March 2014

appears on

Article XI Anton hunter
Efpi Feb 2018

Wasps/Wolves Trio EP Favourite Animals
Luminous Feb 2018

Heat War Sweat Law Laurie Tompkins
SLIP May 2016

WHATSAPPITE Odie Ji Ghast & Otto Willberg
SLIP November 2016