December 4th Andreae/Birchall/Willberg/Nakamura Cafe Oto, London (4th)
December 5th Andreae/Birchall/Willberg/Nakamura The Rose Hill (Spirit of Gravity), Brighton (+ workshop)
December 6th Andreae/Birchall/Willberg/Nakamura The Old Police House, Newcastle
December 7th Andreae/Birchall/Willberg/Nakamura The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (+ workshop)
December 8th Andreae/Birchall/Willberg/Nakamura Fizzle, Birmingham
December 9th Andreae/Birchall/Willberg/Nakamura AME Space, Huddersfield
December 10th Andreae/Birchall/Willberg/Nakamura Curious Ear, Manchester (+ workshop)
September 20th Sloth Racket Listen!, Cambridge
September 19th Sloth Racket Camouflage, Norwich
September 18th Sloth Racket Extra Normal w/ Evan Parker solo, Ramsgate
September 17th Sloth Racket Hundred Years Gallery, London
September 16th Sloth Racket The Golden Lion, Todmorden
September 15th Sloth Racket Lancaster Jazz Festival
September 5th Sloth Racket Curious Ear at The Peer Hat, Manchester
September 4th Sloth Racket The Lescar, Sheffield
September 1st Sloth Racket JNE, Newcastle
July 13th People’s Foley Theatre KK Festival, Berlin
July 12th - 14th KlangKeller Festival 2019 Lichtblick Kino, Berlin
June 29th with Rodrigo Constanzo Liceo Mutante, Pontevedr, Spain
June 28th with Marta Sainz, Sam Andreae, Enrique Zaccagnini, Otto Willberg, Lorena Izquierdo, Aziz Lewandowski and Nicolas Dobson Màgia Roja, Barcelona
June 15th - 23rd Antiuniversity Now Festival London
June 27th with Otto Willberg and Nicolas Dobson Soda Acustic, Barcelona
January 25th with Aziz Lewandowski and Mio Ebisu Gallery Geyger, Berlin
January 24th with Aziz Lewandowski & Tezuka Natsuko Gallery Geyger, Berlin
January 23rd with Aziz Lewandowski, Kae San & Lorena Izquierdo Greenhouse, Berlin
January 22nd duo with Aziz Lewandowski Klangkeller, Berlin
January 21st duo with Aziz Lewandowski Gallery Geyger, Berlin
January 8th duo with Cath Roberts Arch One, London
December 16th duo with Alex Ward Mopomoso, London
December 15th duo with Cath Roberts BRAK, London
November 30th with Otto Willberg & Mio Ebisu SET, London
November 4th Roberts/Marshall/Taylor/Andreae Hundred Years Gallery, London
October 22nd BLOCKHOUSE presented on Comet Radio Comet Radio, London (and the digital airwaves)
October 21st Willberg/Birchall/Andreae Manchester
October 20th duo with Otto Willberg Old Hairdressers, Glasgow
October 10th Trio:Solo:Duo playing duo with Olie Brice Oto Project Space, London
September 27th Sloth Racket Vortex, London
September 14th + 15th Socio-sonic Symposium City University + Iklectik, London
September 22nd Silence Blossoms Fortprocess, Newhaven, UK
July 13th & 14th KLANGKELLER Festival Berlin
May 27th - June 7th Sloth Racket Tour UK
April 5th “Untitled” performed at “Neo Hückler’s breaking of the voice” Ausland, Berlin
April 5th performance with CUEE Iklectik, London
March 29th workshop with City University Experimental Ensemble (CUEE) London
March 23rd performance with Seht Kahn, Aziz Lewandowski and Kae-san KLANGKELLER #018, Berlin
March 9th KLANGKELLER #017 Berlin
February 17th Andreae / Birchall / Willberg Wraclow, Poland
February 16th Andreae / Birchall / Willberg KLANGKELLER #016, Berlin
February 9th Playtime Playalong KLANGKELLER #015, Berlin
January 26th Playtime Playalong by/with Neo Hülcker KLANGKELLER #014, Berlin
January 19th The Living Room VR experience KLANGKELLER #013, Berlin
December 15th KLANGKELLER #012 - BLATT 3000 special berlin
December 3rd - 11th Article XI / Favourite Animals Tour UK
November 28th - December 1st Sloth Racket recording and concert London
September 22nd - 24th HOFFNUNG3000 talk at Pixelache Festival Helsinki
September 21st composition workshop Asbesstos, Helsinki
August 24th - 26th HOFFNUNG 3000 KLANGKELLER/K77, Berlin
August 21st - 23rd Favourite Animals Recording London
August 9th HOFFNUNG 3000 Press Conference Tempelhoferfeld, Berlin
June 19th - 30th Sloth Racket UK Tour UK
May 9th concert with Aya Ogawa, Klaus Kürvers and Julia Reidy Sowieso, Berlin
April 21st solo concert Liebig12, Berlin
April 5th - April 19th Andreae, Birchall, Willberg & Mio Ebisu Japan Tour Tokyo, Hakodate, Kyoto, Nagoya, Beppu
March 24th “Cows In Large Pastures” with Laurie Tompkins, Susie Whaites and Otto Willberg Manchester
March 24th “Cows In Large Pastures” with Laurie Tompkins, Susie Whaites and Tom Rose Lewisham Arthouse, London
March 7th - March 11th Richard Scott Lightning Ensemble & Sloth Racket UK Tour UK
February 14th - 28th Bornholm DJBFA Residency Denmark
February 12th “Cows in large pastures” release concert with Laurie Tompkins, Susie Whaites, Adam Pultz Melbye and Julia Reidy Studio Acht, Berlin
January 24th KLANGKELLER Berlin
January 24th KLANGKELLER Berlin
December 16th KLANGKELLER Berlin
December 1st BLATT 3000 Launch Party, v3k:araoke performance with Marta Forsberg, Laurie Tompkins and Susie Whaites Berlin
November 27th duo with Adam Pultz Melbye Berlin
November 25th KLANGKELLER Berlin
November 20th duo with Andreas Dzialocha (NOR) Ms Hecker, Berlin
November 17th duo with Jon Rose Lichtblik Kino, Berlin
October 21st KLANGKELLER Berlin
September 28th - October 9th Sloth Racket UK Tour
September 14th - 18th Sloth Racket (expanded) Lancaster Jazz Festival
September 10th Sloth Racket Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival
August 30th - September 4th participant Verantwortung3000, Brandenburg
July 14th - August 13th w/Ryoko Ono, Joshua Weitzel, Ongoing Collective, Howie Reeve Japan Tour - Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Oita
July 13th w/Richard Scott, Willie Kellers and Hilary Jeffery Sowieso, Berlin, Germany
April 15th KLANGKELLER Berlin
June 30th - July 4th w/ Rogier Smal, Otto Willberg Berlin, Leipzig, Bremen, Amsterdam
June 29th Scott/Reidy/Jeffery/Smal Sowieso, Berlin
June 4th KLANGKELLER Berlin
May 27th KLANGKELLER Berlin
May 19th - 23rd Richard Scott Lightning Ensemble UK Tour
May 3rd - 9th Sloth Racket UK Tour
April 29th KLANGKELLER Berlin
April 15th KLANGKELLER Berlin
April 1st solo Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany
March 31st duo with Adam Pultz Melby Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany
March 19th w/Richard Scott, Willie Kellers and Hilary Jeffery Sowieso, Berlin, Germany
March 17th with Alexander Frangenheim Studio Boerne
March 3rd - 6th ABC gigs and recording Manchester
February 27th Andreae/Lash/Ullen Munich, Germany
January 16th solo electro/acoustic Spektrum, Berlin
December 31st Soramame NYE gig Spektrum, Berlin
November 15th - 17th Trio Riot Swiss Tour Switzerland
November 15th Take 5 X, Southbank Centre, LJF London, England
November 14th Sloth Racket, Barbican, LJF London, England
November 12th RNCM improvisation Workshop Manchester, England
November 11th Sloth Racket Recording Manchester, England
October 9th w/ Laurie Tomkins, Otto Willberg and Andreas Dzialocha Del Rex, Berlin, Germany
October 1st - 3rd Silence Blossoms (RECORDING NEW ALBUM) Stockholm, Sweden
July 15th Solo Concert, 8pm Art Center Ongoing, Kichijoji, Tokyo JP
April 16th Sloth Racket LUME, Long White Cloud, London
April 12th Sloth Racket The Sage, Gateshead
March 26th Andreae/Knight/Ward LUME, Long White Cloud, London
March 25th Article XI Family Album, Old Spa Function Room, Derby
March 10th - 15th collaborative residency with Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway
February 25th - March 1st Silence Blossoms (rehearsals and informal concerts) various locations, Stockholm, Sweden
February 6th Andreae/Lash/ullen UK TOUR + Dave Birchall + Trans/Human Manchester, tbc
February 5th Andreae/Lash/ullen UK TOUR Mick Beck’s, Sheffield
February 4th Andreae/Lash/ullen UK TOUR + Grew Quartet + Laura Cole Quartet 7 Arts, Leeds
February 3rd Andreae/Lash/ullen UK TOUR + /AndreaeFairhall/Dubois/MacDonald Axis Arts, Crewe
February 2nd Andreae/Lash/ullen UK TOUR + Grew Quartet The Gregson Centre, Lancaster
February 31st Andreae/Lash/ullen UK TOUR + Alex Ward + Matilda Rolfsson The Vortex, London
January 29th Andreae/Lash/ullen UK TOUR Free Range, Canterbury
January 23rd Ortho Stice + Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides + Rodrigo Constanzo The Milk Room, Manchester
December 11th Bird, Rat, Centipede The Noise Upstairs, Manchester
December 9th Saxoctopus The Family Album, Derby
December 7th Saxoctopus The Vortex, London
November 29th Rolfsson/Loxbo/Loxbo/Andreae Trondheim, NORWAY
November 28th Silence Blossoms Trondheim, NORWAY
November 14th Penthouse Residency Noise Above Noise Performance Penthouse, Manchester
November 13th Penthouse Residency Workshop Penthouse, Manchester
September - November Sound-art Residency at The Penthouse with David Birchall Penthouse, Manchester
October 30th Strikethrough Me & You LUME, London
October 11th Penthouse Residency Reading Group Penthouse, Manchester
October 3rd Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham WIM, Zurich, Switzerland
September 30th Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Basel, Switzerland
September 21st Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Blank Canvas, Liverpool
September 18th Rodrigo Constanzo - Dfs Project The Noise Upstairs, Manchester
July 27th Article 11 (Anton Hunter Festival Commission) The Vortex, London
July 24th Article 11 (Anton Hunter Festival Commission) Manchester Jazz Festival, Central Library
July 23rd Silence Blossoms (alongside Space F!ght) Manchester Jazz Festival, Soup Kitchen
June 25th Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham/Kjaer/Brice Flim Flam, London
June 12th Solo + Duo with Daysuke Takaoka Bar Apollo, Tokyo, Japan
June 11th Solo + Duo with Daysuke Takaoka + Darren Moore Trio Sabaco, Tokyo, Japan
June 10th Solo + Duo with Daysuke Takaoka Jazz Club, Tokyo, Japan
June 7th Solo + others tbc Art Space Tetra, Fukuoka, Japan
June 6th Solo + Duo with Daysuke Takaoka Cafe Futuro, Osaka, Japan
June 4th Solo + Duo with Daysuke Takaoka Cafe Parlwr, Nagoya, Japan
June 1st Solo + Duo with Daysuke Takaoka cafe Muriwui, Tokyo, Japan
May 29th - June 4th Artist Residency at Paradise Air Matsudo, Tokyo, Japan
May 9th Silence Blossoms Titwrench Festival, Stockholm
April 27th Silence Blossoms (with Led Bid) Fusebox, Leeds
April 26th (evening) Silence Blossoms Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
April 26th (2pm!!) Silence Blossoms Poets and Players, John Rylands Library, Manchester
April 25th Silence Blossoms The Coach House in Kemptown, Brighton
April 24th Silence Blossoms Free Range, Canterbury
April 5th Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii tbc, Trondheim
April 3rd Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii Biermannsgaarden, Oslo
March 27th Trio Riot Free Range, Canterbury
March 26th Trio Riot Freedom Principle, Manchester
March 25th Trio Riot Schmazz, Newcastle
March 24th Trio Riot The Vortex, London
March 14th music of Robert Ashley Hotspur House, Manchester
March 13th Strikethrough Me and You The Noise Upstairs, Manchester
March 10th Distractfold Ensemble University of Huddersfield
December 20th Fusebox Orchesra Fox and Newt, leeds
November 19th Trio Riot Matt & Phred’s, Manchester
November 18th (6pm) Trio Riot Kim-by-the-sea, Manchester
November 15th Trio Riot Fusebox, Leeds
November 14th Trio Riot LUME, London
November 13th Trio Riot The Lescar, Sheffield
November 6th Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 5th Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Tsuki Festival, Aarhus, Denmark
November 3rd Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Apartment Concert, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 2nd Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Brugata, Oslo, Norway
October 31st Andreae/Mwamba/Bennet Lost Voices, Liverpool
October 16th - 20th DeKoog Lausanne, Switzerland
October 15th Silence Blossoms Stockholm Jazz Festival
October 10th Silence Blossoms Fylkingen, Stockholm, SWEDEN
October 7th Silence Blossoms Boat-ting, London
October 6th Silence Blossoms One Note Sunday, Derby
October 5th Silence Blossoms St Margarets Church, Manchester
October 4th Silence Blossoms Fusebox, Leeds
September 30th Hannah Marshall (cello)/Kelly Jones (flute)/Sam Andreae (sax) Hotspur House, Manchester
September 19th Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham Manchester
August 5th Trio Riot One Note Sunday, Derby
August 4th Trio RIot Beatnik Records, Altrincham
August 3rd Trio RIot Cafe Ort, Birmingham
August 1st Trio RIot Manchester Jazz Festival
July 30th Trio RIot Leeds
July 29th Trio RIot Jez’s Jazz in the Round, The Cockpit, London
June 26th with Le Quan Ninh and Rodrigo Constanzo Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester
June 14th DeKoog Lausanne, Switzerland
May 25th Silence Blossoms Stockholm, Sweden
May 23rd DeKoog Rome, Italy
May 21st Silence Blossoms Nya Perspektiv in Vesteraas, Sweden
April 25th - 28th Attending JazzAhead Bremen Germany
April 4th - 15th Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii Tour and Recording in Norway
April 2nd Samfin’ Berlin (venue tbc)
March 19th Solo Performance and Performing with A Greater Horror Freedom Principle at Sandbar, Manchester
March 16th Andreae/Bennet/Mwamba Poets and Players at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
March 1st Andreae/Birchall/Jones Tubers Music at St Margaret’s Church
February 19th Compositions performed by Shatner’s Bassoon Freedom Principle at Sandbar, Manchester
February 14th Andreae/Bennet/Hunter The Noise Upstairs at Fuel bar, Manchester
January 10th Solo Concert The Noise Upstairs at Fuel bar, Manchester
December 21st Dave Kane’s Rabbit Orchestra Fusbox : End of the World Concert, Leeds
November 20th Silence Blossoms Freedom Principle at Sandbar, Manchester
November 18th Silence Blossoms The Forge, London Jazz Festival
November 14th Trio Riot Servant Jazz Quarter, London
November 13th Trio Riot Fizzle, Birmingham
November 11th Trio Riot Splinter, Newcastle
November 9th Trio Riot FuseBox, Leeds
November 8th Trio Riot Matt & Phred’s, Manchester
October 26th Midt Norsk Soundpaintingensemblet Levanger kirke
October 27th Midt Norsk Soundpaintingensemblet Sakshaug Kirke
October 26th Midt Norsk Soundpaintingensemblet Steinkjer kirke
July 26th Silence Blossoms Linkoping
July 13th Silence Blossoms & Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii paa besok
July 10th Silence Blossoms Huset i Magstraede Gaardscenen, Copenhagen Jazz Festival
July 7th Silence Blossoms & Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii Kongsberg Jazz Festival
July 6th Silence Blossoms Kongsberg Jazz Festival
June 22nd Constanzo/Tremblay/Andreae Trio (supporting DJ Sniff) The Noise Upstairs, Manchester
June 19th Silence Blossoms Familien, Trondheim
June 7th performing Burdocks with Christian Wolf Graamulna, Trondheim
May 29th Aaargh! Liberte, Helsinki
May 27th Aaargh! Musta Kissa, Helsinki
May 22nd Maurer/Andreae Duo Dokkhuset, Trondheim
May 18th Talulah Does The Hula From Hawaii KIT, Trondheim
April 3rd - 11th Electro-acoustic instrument lab STEIM, Amsterdam
April 2nd Freed/Zawadski/Panter/Andreae Kunstfabrik Schlot, Berlin
march 11th talula does the hula from hawaii Rockheim, Trondheim
march 9th talula does the hula from hawaii Illa Brannstasjon, Trondheim
feb 16th silence blossoms Hotel Helsten, Stockholm
feb 15th silence blossoms Mit Andra Hem, Goteborg
feb 14th silence blossoms Pa Besok, malmo
feb 1st trio riot The Vortex, London
jan 29th trio riot The Yardbird, Birmingham
jan 28th trio riot Taylor John’s, Coventry
jan 26th trio riot Band on the Wall, Manchester
dec 11th - 17th Aaargh! tour Switzerland
nov 11th - 20th Efpi Records showcase tour (Haq, Aaargh!, trio riot) England
nov 14th Efpi Records showcase event (Haq, trio riot) The Forge, London Jazz Festival
nov 7th - 10th solo tour England