for CUEE workshop
Sam Andreae, March 2018


Preperation notes

  1. Find a location in the performance / rehearsal space where you want to set-up, you can relocate at any time and it is ok to setup in small sub-groups or completely spread out.

Performance Notes

  1. Observe your surroundings and any sound-gestures that draw your attention. Observe the properties of the sound, and also to how it’s appearance affects the space and any relationships within it. Where is your focus now drawn to? How does this change? Is the space in a balanced or unbalanced state? Is there a center? Where does power reside? Have common boundaries been established?
  2. Mark your observations on the floor-plan provided.
  3. Imagine a sound-gesture you could add to the space. How might it re-focus attention? How might it interfere with existing interactions? How might boundaries and relationships shift?
  4. Mark your sound-gesture on the floor plan.
  5. Count down from an arbitrary number, then perform your sound-gesture.
  6. When finished, repeat steps 1 to 5. This process could happen suddenly with spontaneity or gradually in a considered way. In all cases, try to feel you have enacted each step.
  7. You can freely make the decision to finish performing at any point. When you decide this, using your crepe paper, draw a line through the space and then observe the remainder of the concert. When each member of the ensemble has done this, the piece is finished.
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