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Sam Andreae (born in Manchester in 1985) has been active across Europe over the last decade as a musician, composer and organiser. After graduating from the Royal Northern College of Music in 2008 he soon became enthused by improvisation as a performance practice and it’s wider implications as a socially critical art form. Continuing his studies in Scandinavia, he explored composition and it’s relationship with improvisation and was particularly influenced at this time by his meetings with the composer Christian Wolff.

“In both composition and improvisation I am intrigued by the processes and systems that function just bellow the surface of what we perceive to be music. Our own thoughts, senses, physical needs, emotional states and perception of others’ actions are as much a part of music as tonality, instrumentation or style. I see the act of music making as a series of interconnected actions and as an improviser or composer within this context I try to use a vocabulary that expresses these interests. This has lead me to explore the saxophone as a “sound object” rather than a musical instrument, striving for an objectivity within sound and a gestural approach to playing that places music in a wider context of art and performance. In my compositions I use these “background” elements as musical building blocks to create systems that performers can function freely within, the focus is placed on action and intention, with the aural results becoming products of this gestural process.”

Recent activities include: work with musicians and artists Mio Ebisu, Toshimaru Nakamura, Neo Hülcker, Tristan Honsinger, Andreas Dzialocha, Rodrigo Constanzo, Kelly Jayne Jones, Laurie Tompkins, Susie Whaites, Richard Scott, Cath Roberts, Richard Craig, Otto Willberg, David Birchall, Daysuke Takaoka, Michael Duch, Mette Rasmussen and Christian Wolff; in partnership with City University London, The Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester Jazz Festival, Pixel Ache Festival, HOFFNUNG 3000, Tombed Visions (Record Label), SLIP Records, Boreallis Festival; have been played on BBC Radio and Resonance FM; and had reviews and articles published in The Wire, The Quietus, Jazzwise, the Guardian and many blogs across the web.


“what Sam Andreae does is liminal music, he shows you the clicks, the noises, the breaths, the rattle and hum that producers normally want to take off the record” John Doran, Quietus (2017) on BBC 3 Late Junction

“at times abrasive, others funny, yet always engaging — taking Phil Minton style vocal gymnastics into an ensemble setting” Decoder Magazine (2017) about “Cows In Large Pastures”

“Andreae delves into an impressive vocabulary of skilfully controlled overtones, rapid keypad flutters and fragile harmonics, glistening like filaments held up to the light.” Daniel Spicer, The Wire (2015)


Workshops and performances with City University Experimental Ensemble
March 29th - April 5th 2018 City University, London, UK
“The Living Room” by Soramame; installation and virtual sound-piece
September 23rd 2017 Liebig12, Berlin, Germany
Guest composer and speaker at Pixel Ache Festival “local and decentralized festival”
September 22nd - 24th 2017 Helsinki Finland
Rhizomatc “digital community punlishing platform” launched
August 2017 Online
HOFFNUNG 3000 “decentralized festival for music, art and theory”
August 24th - 26th 2017 Berlin, Germany
Arts Council England supported “underground music exchange” tour in Japan with Otto Willberg, David Birchall and Mio Ebisu
April 5th - 19th 2017 Japan
Guest composition lecturer at The Royal Northern College of Music
March 23rd 2017 Manchester, UK
“Cows In Large Pastures” released on Slip Records with accompanying UK tour
April 1st 2017 UK
Residency with UK improvisation group Sloth Racket at Lancaster Jazz Festival
September 4th - 18th 2016 Lancaster, UK
Resident at VERANTWORTUNG self-curated festival, leading composition workshops and performances
August 2016 Brandenburg, Germany
Sloth Racket Arts Council England supported UK tour
May 2016 UK
Resident with Part Wild Horses Main on Both Sides at experimental music festival Borealis Festival
March 2015 Bergen, Norway


Playtime Play-along multi-media composition in collaboration with Neo Hülcker February 2018
The Living Room site specific and virtual sound sculpture November 2017
v3K:nowing Each Other composition for 2 people October, 2016
v3K:araoke composition for 4 people October 2016
v3K:ämpfen composition for 2 or more people October 2016
Everyone Always Honestly graphic composition method July 2016
Curiously Tea She Said Composition for large ensemble April 2015
Silence Blossoms compositions for the band Silence Blossoms 2009 - ongoing
Trio Riot compositions for the band Trio Riot 2009 - 2015


Live in Beppu Andreae/Birchall/Willberg
Vernacular / Heavy Petting February 2018
Favourite Animals Favourite Animals
Luminous December 2017
Hyperpunkt Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble
Sound Anatomy November 2017
Shape Shifters Sloth Racket
Luminous June 2017
Hair In The Chimney Andreae/Birchall/Willberg
Vernacular / Heavy Petting April 2017
Cows In Large Pastures Sam Andreae
SLIP Records April 2017
The Difficult Second Album Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham
Tombed Visions March 2017
All Shirt and No Tie KMistry
self-release *June 2016

I Go Out To Find Bugs sam&mio&otto
self-release May 2016
Audiobook Soramame
self-release September 2015
SOLO Sam Andreae
Tombed Visions May 2015
I Don’t Mind You Improvising, I Just Wish You’d Done It Better Andreae/Birchall/Cheetham
Tombed Visions January 2015
Silence Blossoms Silence Blossoms
Efpi Records July 2014
Live at Skurup Silence Blossoms
Efpi Records July 2014
Trio Riot Trio Riot
Efpi Records March 2014


BMus Hons from The Royal Northern College of Music 2005 - 2008

Nordic Master of Jazz from Sibelius Academy, Helsinki; Royal College of Music, Stockholm; Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus; NTNU Music Department, Trondheim 2009 - 2011